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Chasin' The Racin'

Jul 17, 2019

#021 Discovering Yourself at 16


We discuss Dom's Southern 100 experience, Jonathon Rea's turnaround in WSBK, Crutchlow on the podiums four days after breaking leg and BSB Snetterton preview.


We are joined by our 'Marshal of the Pod' Tabby and this podcast is kindly sponsored by Incontango Training.




Jul 5, 2019

#020 Built on a Bog

We discuss Knockhill BSB, how traction control and anti-wheelie are used on Superstock bikes and Dom's successful weekend at the Enniskillen Road Races.

We are also joined by our guest Forest Dunn fresh from a victorious weekend in Northern Ireland. 

Thanks to our Sponsors Incontango Training and HG...